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Travel log about being a single w/o kids(SWOK)include notes about my faith, of being a uterine cancer survivor and raw foodist. Other interests are knitting, crocheting, cats and...

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Another thing I wish to make others aware of endometrial cancer. AKA Uterine cancer, one of the least talked about gynological cancers. I’m a survivor of uterine cancer, quite a fight. Personally I think that it's easier to talk about breasts (man's fixation) then it is to talk about bleeding - women's bleeding and uterus has been a verboten subject for centuries!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Raw Food RAWKS!

Today has been sort of an oookkee day. I either ate some bad grapes yesterday or caught a stomach bug. Regardless, it’s been a diarrhea day (can I say that?)

One thing I neglected to state in my opening blog is that I will also discuss being a "raw foodist". In other words, I’m a Vegan who doesn’t cook her food. Vegan is a vegetarian who doesn’t eat eggs or dairy. Why a raw foodist? Well this is the way that I lost over a 100 pounds since spring and will continue to lose weight!

It’s really easier than it sounds, yet folks are so stubborn about giving something that radically improves ones health and outlook on life!! and so they walk around overweight and in poor health.

Anyways…. Lady Eleanor is getting closer to being done. I may rent a bunch of movies on Christmas Day, watch movies and knit! I'm going take a small break and knit some mitts. Yes I'm in the desert but the nights are cold and the inside of the apartment is as well!

Over the next few days, I’m going to talk about being the outsider and forgotten one when flocks of families are gathered together. And how to not just cope but emerge victoriously - satisfied with being a "SWOK"!


Anonymous // Ann said...

Every time I think of being a raw vegan, I get a mental mouth feel of chewed-up raw broccoli and am immediately turned off by the idea. What do/can you eat besides spinach salads with no egg or bacon? (boohoo!)

9:32 PM  
Blogger Tina in AZ said...

Oh there's lots!! One of my many favorites is to peel and slice a cucumber, green onion and red bell pepper and marinate it in raw red wine viniger along with greek oregano and fresh black pepper for about an hour, then add tomatoes and romaine. Yummmmm

Then theres.... and then.....

Oh and a trick to broccoli is to peel the stem, it then has a good "tooth" and is not hard at all to chew.

Snack might be four oranges (I eat until I'm full and have a hard time meeting my 1,500 calorie goal... that's because even with eating until I'm full it's hard to eat the amount of calories to fulfill the 1,500!!) I might eat an entire pound of carrots. Simply peel and eat. That's all the prep that's required for being simple low fat raw.

Since I live by myself it was easy to clear out all the SAD food (SAD = Standard American Diet) Thus I'm rarely tempted.


10:20 PM  

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